Our Reputation
Future-Proof Design

Sun Ridge Systems has a long-standing commitment to our customers.

  • Since our beginning, we have NEVER had a failed or delayed project. 
  • Privately-held company.  We don’t answer to investors, stock-holders, or hedge-fund companies. We are accountable to our CUSTOMERS.
  • It offers agencies the best value for their budget dollars. RIMS costs, including annual support costs, have always been and remain competitive. 
  • RIMS offers superior support.  In an age when customer support has eroded, RIMS is a class above our competition, offering stellar customer support.  

RIMS PUBLIC SAFETY SOFTWARE DELIVERS powerful, configurable, and yet easy-to-use software, a testament to our 40-year reputation, standing by our customers to ensure their needs are always met.

  • Those 40 years do not reflect an aging product; On the contrary, they have enabled us to continually improve and reinvent the product to support never-ending new features and enhancements; typically over 100 new features for RIMS CAD and RMS with each version release.  It is simply not possible for newer competitors to match RIMS functionality and reliability.
  • RIMS adeptly fulfills customer needs, facilitating swift installations without custom software development and minimizing risks.

Our track record speaks for itself—we encourage you to contact any of our customers. Our reputation speaks volumes, with over 200 public safety agencies relying on RIMS. Need software that has never failed an agency?

  Think RIMS.