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Antioch, CA Police Department replaces Mark 43 with RIMS

With over 115,000 residents, Antioch is Contra Costa County’s second-largest city and currently uses Mark43’s cloud-based CAD and RMS applications. Antioch PD selected RIMS to replace Mark43 after the agency realized the applications did not meet their needs and were unreliable.

Antioch PD will replace Mark43 with RIMS CAD/RMS, iRIMS LE, Mapping, PropRoom Citizen RIMS, InCustody Lite, e911, RIMS State Switch (CLETS), RIMS Collaborate, TIMS, AFIS Link, and other integrations. Additionally, the data in Mark 43 will be converted into RIMS.

We are excited to welcome RIMS California agency #212 to the family!

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