Today, there is a growing demand in communities for access to law enforcement information and public records. Maintaining agency transparency has become crucial to fostering positive relationships with these communities.

Distinguishing itself from generic “crime mapping” products, Citizen RIMS stands out as a unique offering tightly integrated with other Sun Ridge Systems products. In essence, Citizen RIMS is purpose-built to operate with RIMS seamlessly. This integration holds significant advantages, including the assurance of accurate data, adherence to departmental security controls, an expanded set of features, and more comprehensive information for each operational aspect.


    • An agency configurable disclaimer is displayed when a citizen enters this website.
    • Live and Historical Incident Mapping.  Gain real-time insight into incidents as they unfold, along with historical data, visualizing crime patterns and trends through interactive maps.
    • Crime Statistics.  Accurately represent criminal activity in an organized, logical manner, making maximum use of easy-to-read graphs and charts.
    • Daily Media Bulletins.  Create and share daily media bulletins efficiently.
    • Most Wanted.  Quickly identify and publish Agency most wanted individuals.
    • Missing Persons.  Share information related to missing persons cases.
    • Stolen Vehicles.  Display stolen vehicle information.
    • Warrants.  Keep your community informed of individuals who have arrests warrants.
    • Agency Arrests.  Access information regarding agency arrests and related details.
    • Jail Booking Information.  View booking-related data, including mugshots, offense, and bond information.
    • Press Bulletins/Releases. Manage and distribute press bulletins and releases seamlessly.
    • Daily Crime and Fire Bulletin for Colleges and Universities (Clery Report).  Compile and disseminate daily crime and fire reports for educational institutions.
    • Online Vacation House Check Requests.  Streamline online requests for house checks during vacations.
    • Online “Directed” or “Extra” Patrol Requests.  Simplify online requests for specific patrol actions within your community.
    • Security Camera Registration.  Facilitate registration of security cameras for enhanced community safety.
    • Stop Data Statistics.  For those states required to compile and publish citizen contact data.

    Every agency can tailor CitizenRIMS to their unique needs by enabling or disabling specific features. This includes the flexibility to control individual record accessibility. 

    Visit to see CitizenRIMS in action, explore a roster of agencies already leveraging CitizenRIMS, and witness its potential to build bridges with your community.


    Our map allows you to share activity information including:

    • Live Incidents
    • Historical Incidents
    • Crime Mapping

    Agency Arrests

    An arrest log displays arrests for the past 30 days. The log displays basic information, but rolling the cursor over a listed arrest shows personal data (allowed by statute) and the mugshot of the arrestee. A check box on the RIMS arrest page lets you block particular arrestees from being included in the log when needed.

    Citizen Contact Information

    For those states that require agencies to document the demographic information of those citizens whom they contact, CitizenRIMS provides a platform for your community to view this information.

    Crime Charts

    Allow your community to quickly summarize agency configurable statistical information, including National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) crime data displayed in easily understood charts, with year to year, or month to month comparisons.

    Jail Bookings

    For agencies with RIMS InCustody Jail Management software, a “Who’s in Jail” feature gives the public detailed information about all persons currently in custody.

    • Current Inmates
    • Last 2 or 3 Days
    • Automatically redact inmate booking records from the website