Property Room is a powerful and robust property management application that seamlessly integrates with RIMS.  With over 20 years of continued development, Property Room continues to grow and meet the demands of evidence and property management professionals today.


  • Runs as part of RIMS
  • Print property labels to include:
    • Agency Name
    • Report/Case Number
    • Property Item Number
    • Property Description
    • Type of Property (ie. Found, Evidence, Safe Keeping, etc.)
  • Custom Property Labels
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Display any property record
  • Change the status of a property items
  • Print inventory lists
  • Automatic notifications for action items
  • View and track pawned property items
  • Agency configurable reports and forms

Property Room Dashboard

  • Instantly view and access tasks requiring action
  • Check property in and out
  • View RIMS Case Reports
  • View items needing purged, auctioned, or destroyed
  • Send inquiries to officers and investigators
  • Manage follow-ups

Property Center

  • View all property related to a specific case or location
  • Set action dates
  • Add and manage restrictive holds
  • Manage follow-ups
  • View RIMS Case Persons, Photos, Narratives, and Attachments

Property Audit

Property audits allow agencies to build and run internal audits and reports that measure agency-determined parameters, including:

  • Location
  • Property Status (Evidence/Found/Recovered/etc.)
  • Property Category
  • Property Disposition
  • Offense/Charges
  • Officer
  • Tracking Follow-Up Information
  • Dates (Received/Disposition)
  • Sampling numbers or percentages

Bar Code and Scanner

Completely manage all agency property.

  • Process a single or multiple items at one time
  • Find any piece of property
  • Record dispositions or move property
  • Check property in and out
  • Reconcile property
  • No proprietary equipment
  • Standard 2D bar codes

Custom Reports and Search

  • Disposable Property Reports
  • Held Property Reports
  • Receipts
  • Search and generate custom reports and graphs based on the following:
    • Property
    • Cases
    • Pawned Property
    • Property Logs