Data.  Use it to help guide your decisions to run an informed, effective, and responsive agency. 

RIMS Reports is a comprehensive reporting system that generates more than 80 vital reports related to administrative records management, including case reports, citations, CAD Incidents, jail activity, NIBRS, Clery, and collisions. 

CAD Reports Include:

  • Incident Summary
  • 24-Hour Incident Summary
  • Shift and Media Bulletins
  • Officer Activity Report
  • Incident Response Times
  • Dispatcher Activity Report
  • Unverified Locations Report
  • False Alarm Report
  • Area Incident Activity
  • Frequently Responded to Locations
  • Vehicle Logs
    • Mileage Summary Report
    • By Officer
    • Vehicle Usage
  • Response Times by:
    • Time of Day
    • Day of Week
    • Area/Zone
    • Incident Type
    • Priority

RMS Reports Include:

  • Integrated NIBRS Reports
  • Arrest and Citation Reports
  • Crime Summary by Offenses
  • Arrests by:
    • Officer
    • Offense
    • Officer by Offense
  • Daily Case Report List
  • California University Reports & Clery Report
  • Citations Report
    • By Officer
    • By Officer and Violation
  • Case Investigation Reports
  • Property/Evidence Reports
  • Collision Reports
  • And more!

Intelligence lead policing.  Agencies today demand access to the vital information they collect every day.  And RIMS gives you that information, easily organized, at a moment’s notice.  Whether on the street, conducting investigations, or generating reports, let RIMS Search be your partner

Collecting and analyzing data can help your agency improve services in many ways including:

  • Identifying and targeting high crime and incident areas
  • Staffing levels
  • Grant and other funding reporting requirements
  • Investigations
  • Identify trends
  • Patrol behaviors
  • Agency operations
  • Track expenditures
  • Resource allocation

RIMS Reports generates more than 80 canned reports. However, it is inevitable that your agency will, at some point, want information summarized or listed in a manner none of these reports meet. One way to meet these needs is through the RIMS Search function (Search). Ad hoc query, crime analysis, user-defined reports—these are all terms used to describe what in RIMS is simply called “Search.”

RIMS Search allows you to create reports based on the parameters you select. For example, you can obtain a list of all burglary incidents for a given date.  You can also use it to retrieve data when incomplete information is available. For example, typically, vehicles are identified and retrieved by license plate but suppose you have a situation in which a car is seen leaving a crime scene, and the only information available is color and possibly make or just a partial license plate. The Search facility allows you to retrieve all local vehicles with these attributes with whom you have had contact.

In a too-good-to-be-true example (but it is ), one morning at one of our agencies, the Chief arrived to find a couple of offers chatting by the coffee pot.  He asked them what was happening and they related that earlier that morning a vehicle had crashed into a local business and then left the scene.  The only clue: someone said they thought it was a Dodge Neon, purple in color.  The officers went back to chatting; the Chief headed to his office, fired up RIMS, and searched for a purple Neon.  He found one immediately — it had been cited in town some months earlier.  Officers responded to the vehicle’s known address and . . . case solved.


Results can be quickly exported to an Excel, HTML, XML, or other text file.  Additionally, Search quickly illustrates your results through custom graphs, allowing you to quickly export these to a Powerpoint or other types of document.

With Search, you can create reports in any of our integrated applications.  Examples include:

  • Accidents
  • Arrests
  • Persons
  • Bicycles
  • Pets
  • Cases Reports
  • Property
  • Pawned Property
  • Case Investigation
  • Citations
  • Vehicles
  • Field Interviews
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Permits
  • Parking Permits
  • Narratives
  • Warrants
  • Use of Force
  • Gangs
  • Sex Offenders
  • Jail Appointments
  • Jail Bookings
  • Jail Visitors
  • Charges
  • Warrants
  • Jail Commissary
  • Jail Visitors
  • Inmate Property
  • Jail Incidents
  • Inmate Requests
  • Medical Records
  • Inmate Authorized Items
  • Jail Shift Activity Logs