California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS)

Embedded access to CLETS is a key feature of RIMS.  Besides user-initiated CLETS functions, many user actions automatically generate CLETS queries, such as running a plate when an officer makes a traffic stop.  RIMS also has features that make a dispatcher’s life easier once a CLETS response message is received:

    • One button creation of a RIMS vehicle record
    • One button creation of a CAD incident
    • Ability to add a vehicle to an incident based on the CLETS response
    • Attach responses to an associated case report as a PDF file
    • Automatically create a document release log entry
    • Forward the response as a RIMS (internal) mail message
    • Supports over 140 CLETS and NCIC forms for inquiry/entry/ update/modification.

    RIMS State Switch – California

    RIMS State Switch (RSS) is an integrated application that connects to state criminal justice and NCIC/NLETS networks, allowing for seamless queries and returns.  RSS also supports connections to the following California county switches:

    • CA-Alameda County (Level II)
    • CA-CLETS Direct
    • CA-CLETS Server Mode
    • CA-Contra Costa (Level II – Warrants)
    • CA-Diversified Computing Inc.
    • CA-DMPP 2020
    • CA-Fresno (Datamaxx DMPP-2020)
    • CA-Humboldt County (CLEWS – Warrants)
    • CA-Kern County (Level II)
    • CA-Los Angeles County (JDIC – Warrants)
    • CA-Level II
    • CA-Orange County
    • CA-Placer County (Warrants)
    • CA-Riverside County RSOIP
    • CA-San Bernardino County
    • CA-San Diego County (IBM Websphere)
    • CA-San Luis Obispo County (Level II – Warrants)
    • CA-San Mateo County (San Mateo Person & Warrants/AWS)
    • CA-Santa Clara County (Level II – Warrants/AWS)
    • CA-Solano County  (Level II Warrants)
    • CA-Ventura County

    California Traffic Collision Report (555)

    Integrated within RIMS is the California Traffic Collision Report (555).  As part of the RIMS CAD Incident and Case entry process, RIMS collects the key elements and produces the 555 in the CHP format.

    SWITRS Transfer Interface

    The CHP 555 SWITRS, known as the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), is an available interface to RIMS customers that will electronically transfer California 555 Collision Reports directly to CHP.  Reports that are electronically submitted do not need the hard copy of the report.  

    California Department of Justice Reports

    California Incident-Based Reporting System (CIBRS) and Specific Reports

    As part of the California Incident-Based Reporting System (CIBRS), California requires additional reports.  Electronic versions of these reports are created for direct submission to the California Department of Justice.

    • Domestic Violence-Related Calls for Assistance
    • Violent Crimes Committed Against Senior Citizens
    • Homicide Victims
    • Homicide Offenders

    AB 953 – Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA)

    In addition to reporting on citizen complaints received by law enforcement agencies, under Penal Code section 832.5 and citizen complaints alleging felony or misdemeanor criminal conduct, AB 953 – also known as the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA) – requires California law enforcement agencies to begin collecting and reporting data on complaints that allege racial or identity profiling.  

    RIMS provides seamless reporting using our computer-aided dispatch system, mobile officer field reporting, and iRIMS LE applications.  RIMS even provides for a supervisor review log, and each record can be tracked for status and submission.


    As part of both RIMS RMS and InCustody JMS, the Adult Disposition of Arrest and Court Action Report (JUS-8715) can be printed and submitted to the California Department of Justice and applicable courts.

    California SB384 – Sex Offender Release Report

    InCustody JMS provides for an electronic submission of custodial information for each registrant to the CA DOJ to comply with SB 384.


    As part of our Officer Training Management (TIMS) application, POST records can be uploaded to TIMS and include:

    • Officer and Dispatcher Training Courses
    • Training History
    • Course Presenters

    Monthly updates from California POST for training reimbursement costs for each employee can also be uploaded into TIMS.

    The POST Training Status Report is built around a two-year continuing professional development cycle and can be quickly accessed through TIMS Reports.  As part of this report, perishable skills (see California POST standards) are included.  

    California Department of Corrections Reports

    Post-Release (County-Level) Community Supervision (PRCS)

    Besides providing screens to track PRCS persons in both RIMS CAD/RMS and InCustody, RIMS has a report that lists persons arrested while on PRCS release.


    As part of the PRCS program, InCustody generates the AB109 report for submission to the California Department of Corrections.

    Jail Profile Survey

    InCustody creates a list of statistical reports, including the California DOC Jail Profile Survey for California Jails.

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