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Siskiyou County Agencies Replace EIS (Executive Information Services) with RIMS

Where are the cigars? We’d like to welcome a few more agencies to the RIMS family. Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, Etna Police Department, and Tulelake Police Department will replace their current EIS public safety platform with RIMS.

Siskiyou County is located in northern California and is home to over 44,000 residents. The agencies will use RIMS CAD/RMS, Mapping, Mobiles, InCustody Jail Management, PropRoom, Citizen RIMS, Collaborate, and multiple integrations for both the CAD/RMS and JMS applications.

A fun fact…Tulelake is the hometown of our very own President, Carol Jackson!

We couldn’t be prouder of the relationships we make, and more importantly, continue to foster and grow! These three agencies bring the total number of RIMS agencies in California to 215!! Stay tuned to see who is next!

Welcome to the RIMS family!!!


Antioch, CA Police Department replaces Mark 43 with RIMS

With over 115,000 residents, Antioch is Contra Costa County’s second-largest city and currently uses Mark43’s cloud-based CAD and RMS applications. Antioch PD selected RIMS to replace Mark43 after the agency realized the applications did not meet their needs and were unreliable.

Antioch PD will replace Mark43 with RIMS CAD/RMS, iRIMS LE, Mapping, PropRoom Citizen RIMS, InCustody Lite, e911, RIMS State Switch (CLETS), RIMS Collaborate, TIMS, AFIS Link, and other integrations. Additionally, the data in Mark 43 will be converted into RIMS.

We are excited to welcome RIMS California agency #212 to the family!


RIMS Selected for new Police Department

The City of Wasco, CA, has established a new police department

Last year SRS was honored to support the City of Lathrop, CA, as they established a new Police Department. We are again honored to be selected as the new CAD/RMS vendor for the City of Wasco, CA. Located in Kern County, Wasco is a community of about 26,000 residents known for its agriculture and, most importantly, roses!

Under the leadership of Chief Charlie Fivecoat, the agency will use RIMS CAD/RMS, Mobiles/OFR, Mapping, Property Room, Citizen RIMS, Collaborate, e911, and CLETS link. Welcome, Wasco Police Department, to the list of California agencies serving communities with RIMS!


Look! Two New Agencies!

RIMS welcomes Yreka and Placerville Police Departments to the family

We are excited to announce that Yreka and Placerville, CA, Police Departments have selected RIMS to replace their existing software applications.

Yreka is a community of about 8,000 residents in Siskiyou County. They are replacing their existing system, including data conversion, with RIMS CAD/RMS, Mobiles/OFR, iRIMS LE smartphone application, PropRoom, CitizenRIMS, e911/CLETS, RIMS Collaborate, and RIMS2Text.

Placerville is the county seat of El Dorado County. El Dorado County SO, District Attorney, and South Lake Tahoe PD use RIMS and will collaborate with Placerville. A community of almost 11,000, Placerville will serve its community using RIMS CAD/RMS, PropRoom, Mapping, e911/CLETS, RIMS Collaborate, and the DA link to Karpal.

Join us in welcoming our new agencies to the family!


Hoopa Valley Tribal PD adds RIMS to their Crime Fighting Arsenal

Hoopa Valley Tribal PD joins RIMS! Located in Humboldt County, CA, HVTPD will use RIMS CAD/RMS, Mobiles, iRIMS LE, and RIMS Collaborate.

They join many other Humboldt County law enforcement agencies using RIMS, including Humboldt County Sheriff, Arcata PD, Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal PD, Eureka PD, Ferndale PD, Fortuna PD, Humboldt State University PD, Rio Dell PD, and the Yurok Tribal PD. In other words, all of the local agencies in Humboldt County now use RIMS! All of these agencies share vital criminal justice information using RIMS Collaborate.

Hoopa Valley Tribal PD serves a community of just under 5,000 residents. Please join us in welcoming our newest customer! Welcome to the RIMS family!

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