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El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office

The El Dorado County DA’s Office comprises more than 50 members, including 17 investigators, serving the 200,000 citizens of El Dorado County, CA. El Dorado County is also home to our corporate office! The DA’s Office will use RIMS RMS, iRIMS LE, PropRoom, RIMS Collaborate, and a link to Karpel.

The DA has two offices located in Placerville and South Lake Tahoe.


Oakland Housing Authority Police Department

Oakland Housing Authority Police Department joins RIMS

Founded in 1974, the Oakland Housing Authority Police Department (OHAPD) was created to supplement the efforts of the Oakland Police Department. OHAPD is comprised of 34 sworn officers and 11 professional staff members.

OHAPD joins RIMS as the 205th California agency and will use RIMS CAD, RMS, Mobiles, iRIMS LE, In Station Mapping, Mobile Mapping, PropRoom, RIMS2Text, RIMS Collaborate, TIMS, CLETS, Aries Link, CRIMS Link, Axon Link, DA Link, CopLogic Link, and eCitation imports.

Their current system, INDICO, will be converted as part of the project. Welcome aboard, OHAPD!


RIMS Welcomes 4 Big Sky Country Agencies

We are so excited to welcome four Montana agencies to the RIMS family. The Fallon County Sheriff’s Office, Carter County Sheriff’s Office, Wibaux County Sheriff’s Office, and the Baker Police Department have selected RIMS to replace their existing Swift system.

All agencies are dispatched by the Fallon County Sheriff’s Office and will use CAD/RMS, Mapping, InCustody JMS, e911, State Link, and RIMS2Text!

These agencies are located in Eastern Montana and cover 5,900 square miles, and include a population of about 5,500. Throw out a warm welcome to these agencies!


Modoc County District Attorney joins RIMS

The Modoc County District Attorney’s Office will join Amador County and San Mateo County District Attorney Offices to use RIMS for their case investigations and will interface with Karpel. Modoc County Sheriff’s Office and Alturas PD also use RIMS. Welcome!


Pismo Beach Police Department

We are so fortunate to have agencies located throughout the United States that are great communities to live and visit! Pismo Beach is located in central California and is home to 8,000 residents!

Pismo Beach PD will use CAD, RMS, Mobiles, iRIMS/Law, In Station Mapping, Mobile Mapping, PropRoom, E911, CLETS, RIMS2Text, RIMS Collaborate, Axon BWC interface, AutoCite Import, SWITRS Export, and Kologik CAD Link. They will also have their current system by EIS converted into RIMS.

Grab your golf clubs or your surfboards and head to Pismo Beach knowing the city is served by RIMS!!!

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