RIMS CAD.  Easy To Learn.  Easy To Use.

Powerful. Robust. Complete.  Yet so easy to learn and use.  RIMS CAD makes demanding tasks easier with its highly-optimized methodology while at the same moment extending transparent and often automatic access to records information.  Line-staff and management have detailed data on patrol activity and dispatch operations at their fingertips.

With RIMS Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and its powerful line of integrated products, communications professionals have the ability to perform multiple, integrated tasks with one high-performance system. Backed by 36 years of development, RIMS CAD continues to meet the demanding needs of PSAPs, law enforcement, Fire/EMS personnel, and other public safety professionals.

Like every component of the RIMS System, our Computer Aided Dispatch was developed to be easy to use and easy to learn.  In fact, the best way to learn any aspect of RIMS is to just dive right in and use it. Most people learn the basics of CAD in a matter of minutes and our complete training program takes only two days.  RIMS CAD is unique in that it allows each user to use it in the way that works best for them or for the situation at hand. 

RIMS.  Designed to be as multi-functional as the professionals using it.

  • Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS CAD Dispatch

    • Police Unit Recommendation

    • Police Response Plans

    • Fire Run Cards

    • Fire/EMS Unit Recommendation

    • Nearest GPS Unit Recommendation

  • Both Command Line and Mouse available to dispatchers

  • Windows and functions differentiated by color

  • Screens configurable by user

  • Easily-identifiable icons

  • Incident Entry

    • Agency defined Incident Questions

    • Five-way location entry and verification

    • One-click ‘Early Dispatch’

    • Unlimited history

  • Detailed Unit and Incident status displays

  • Unit and Incident priority status by color

  • One or multiple officer case number assignments

  • Powerful, Comprehensive Command Line Entry
    • Standard
    • Agency Defined
  • Immediate access to integrated records information

  • Shift and Media Bulletins

  • Can include Attachments

Whether it’s a call for service or an officer initiated event, RIMS CAD provides the tools to enter the information, dispatch units, and record everything that happens thereafter.

Separate entry forms for the two sources of new incidents simplify life for the dispatcher.  Each form adheres to the RIMS credo of providing maximum reference information to the dispatcher, automatically.

Information added to Incidents automatically are available to all dispatchers and to all RMS features.

As part of CAD, agencies can develop standardized questions and directions for dispatchers based on Incident Types. 


Based on your agency’s street files, beats and plans, RIMS CAD can recommend units for dispatch.  As soon as you enter the location and Incident type, RIMS automatically displays a list of recommended units.  If you’d like, you can immediately dispatch the recommended units all while you finish updating the Incident.  

Unit recommendations are also provided based on the GPS coordinates of police, fire and EMS units.


Once an Incident is created, information is readily available to any user.  Quickly identify:

  • Incident Location
  • Reporting Party Information
  • Officer Safety Information
  • Hazards
  • Assigned Units
  • Additional Comments
  • Person and Vehicle Records
  • Unit Times
  • Integrated NCIC/State CJIN Messages

RIMS provides a seamless experience when dispatching fire agencies based on Incident Types, Alarm Levels, and Station Run Cards.

View RIMS Fire/EMS CAD for additional information!

Police. Fire. EMS. Manage multiple units and incidents quickly and easily with RIMS.

RIMS CAD makes it easy and seamless to update Unit Status and Incidents.

Unit update capabilities include:

  • Change a single or multiple units’ status

  • Clear a single or multiple units

  • Change multiple units at once

  • Clear all units and close the Incident

  • Place a unit or team on/off duty

  • Change a unit’s beat assignment

  • Free a single or multiple units

  • Reassign a single or multiple units

  • Exchange units

  • Designate a primary unit 

  • With Incident Updates you can:

    • Change the status of an Incident

    • Display an Incident 

    • Close an Incident without dispatch

    • Reopen a closed Incident

    • Add comments to an Incident

When Incidents are closed, RIMS keeps right on working. Any vehicles that were part of the Incident are automatically entered to the Vehicle File and any people associated with the Incident are recorded in the Person File


RIMS CAD keeps a running log of each incident.  It contains records of user sign-on and sign-off times, administrative status changes, changes made to the incident location or type, status queries, entries for unverified incident locations and comments entered for incidents.  With the System Log, you can examine the sequence of events in the communications center for a particular period of time, even quickly export the log to an Excel document.


RIMS CAD makes it easy to keep track of towed vehicles and tow company assignment rotations.

  • Track multiple Tow “Districts” or areas

  • Tow rotation frequency (e.g. daily, weekly, every tow)

  • Date of last tow company rotation

  • Integrated tow company contact information

  • Temporary tow company suspension

  • Recorded in Vehicle’s history

The Tow Log provides you instant access to all towed vehicles for any dates you select.


Create customized unit and status screens for law enforcement, security, fire and EMS agencies.  Each agency and/or station can have a unique status screen to quickly identify and track personnel and unit/apparatus.  

On the fly or as part of a standard configuration, RIMS CAD allows you to quickly create new Incident and Unit screens. 


Seamlessly and efficiently integrate RIMS CAD with Priority Dispatch ProQA, utilizing the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch’s (IAED) standardized protocols.  RIMS is a Paramount Platinum provider for:

  • ProQA Law
  • ProQA Fire
  • ProQA Medical

In a true emergency call, the dispatcher’s first objective is to understand what the caller needs and dispatch the appropriate resource – immediately.  CAD should speed up this process, not slow it down with lots of required repetitive typing, or switching between forms on a screen.  With an interface to your E911 system, RIMS CAD allows to you create and dispatch the Incident in a matter of seconds. 

RIMS 3D lets you “drill down through data” to display a detailed record for any item including Person, Vehicle, Case, Citation, FI, Associated Persons and Vehicles, Offenders, and other vital information with the click of a mouse. 

  • Intra-departmental email creates a truly private communication system

  • On-line message transmission from RIMS

  • On-screen message composition with spell check

  • Unlimited message length

  • Ability to print messages

  • Ability to edit/add notes to messages and forward them to other users/groups/agencies


You require the ability to quickly retrieve and use the information entered into your software system.

With RIMS CAD, you have the ability to pick from 53 types of canned statistical reports, or quickly develop a report using your own criteria using RIMS Search.  

An example of RIMS report is the Shift Bulletin, which enables you to easily create the daily or shift reports that are typically done manually at the end of each shift. The RIMS Shift Bulletin is easily prepared, versatile in its use and can be created without any effort on the part of the dispatcher. 

Other reports include:

  • Incident summary

  • 24-hour Incident summary

  • Patrol statistics

  • Persons contacted

  • Officer Activity Log

  • Officer Activity Report

  • Incidents

  • Unverified Locations

  • False Alarms

  • Incident Response Times

  • Frequently Responded to Locations

  • Vehicle Log

  • Vehicle Mileage Summary