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East Bay CSU Joins RIMS

CSU East Bay Police

In February of 2019 East Bay CSU joined RIMS as a multi-agency with CSU San Jose using RIMS CAD, Mapping, RIMS State Switch (integrated CLETS), and RIMS2Text.

Today we are happy to announce that ‘phase II” of the CAD/RMS project is in full-swing with the purchase of RIMS RMS (Records Management System), Mobiles, Mobile Mapping, PropRoom, and iRIMS/Law!

East Bay CSU is part of a 23 campus system where RIMS is employed by 17 of those universities! East Bay CSU hosts almost 16,000 students and 800 faculty members providing instruction in 34 master’s degree and 49 bachelor degree programs! Welcome Pioneers!!!!!!!!!!!

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