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Emeryville, CA Police Department

Emeryville, CA Police Department replaces Spillman Technologies with RIMS.

We are proud to usher in the holiday season by announcing Emeryville PD has joined the RIMS family! They are replacing Spillman Technologies by Motorola with RIMS CAD/RMS, Mobiles/OFR, e911, CLETS, Mapping, Property Room, RIMS2Text, iRIMS LE, Citizen RIMS, RIMS Collaborate, and multiple integrations!

Located in Alameda County, California, Emeryville PD is a community of appx. 13,000 residents located in the bay area and is home to Pixar Animation Studios, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and Clif Bar, to name a few. Emeryville PD is one of ten Alameda County agencies that trust their CAD/RMS needs to RIMS!

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