Officer Field Reporting (OFR)

Are you tired of being shackled to your desk to write reports?

RIMS Officer Field Reporting (OFR) gives the officer in the field the same experience as writing a case report in the office. OFR allows officers to create, modify, and submit case reports without network connectivity.  OFR even allows supervisors to approve reports in the field!

  • Integrated with Mobile RIMS for access to RIMS records
  • Write case reports off-line
  • Seamlessly sync case report information entered in the field to all other RIMS applications
  • Access to CAD Incident Information
    • Persons
    • Vehicles
  • View, add, and modify information
    • Add initial case report
    • Add supplemental information
    • Add Persons
    • Add Vehicles
    • Add Property/Evidence
  • Complete collision reports, including the CHP-555