General Information

Sun Ridge Systems, Inc. is a leader in public safety software developing computer-aided dispatch (CAD), records management systems (RMS), mobile solutions, jail management systems (JMS), GPS/AVL, property/evidence management, and crime analysis software systems.  RIMS base CAD/RMS now has 36 years of development and use behind it supporting agencies and companies of all sizes.

Key to our public safety software is one integrated suite of products rather than multiple modules that do not talk to each other or separate programs that are ‘interfaced’ to each other.  Information entered into any area of the suite is immediately available throughout the entire product suite, including computer-aided dispatch, records management, jail management, and mobile applications.

Our staff has extensive experience (most more than 20 years) working for and with public safety software development and implementation, mobile computer systems, computer networks, and public safety administration.  We truly understand the needs of today’s public safety professionals.

We invite you to look around our site.  You will find detailed information on the products and services we offer.  Download our sales brochure to learn more about our software or contact us for a demonstration, quote, or other information.