Benicia Police Department Signs Contract

It has been a busy week for the RIMS Team!!!! Please join us in welcoming California agency #167 to the RIMS family, Benicia Police Department!!!!

Benicia Police has signed a contract to replace their existing SunGard system for RIMS CAD/RMS, Mobiles, Mapping, e911, CLETS, Collaborate, iRIMS Law and Fire, TIMS, RIMS2Text, and multiple integrations!

Located in Solano County, Benicia is a community of 28,000 residents who is served by 34 officers, 20 communications and support staff, and 35 citizen volunteers.


Port of Stockton First Port to Join RIMS!!

The Port of Stockton has joined the RIMS family!!!! This is our first port police department and is comprised of 15 officers and 8 dispatchers who will use CAD/RMS and TIMS.

Comprised of 4,200 acres the port is the 4th busiest port in California with over 4.7 million metric tons of cargo handled in 2017 and continues to be one of the fastest growing ports in the country.

Welcome to the RIMS family!!


City of Vacaville Joins RIMS!!

Vacaville Police and Fire
The City of Vacaville Police and Fire Departments respond to over 50,000 incidents annually.

The City of Vacaville, population 92,500, has signed a contract with Sun Ridge Systems to provide a replacement to their existing VisionAir CAD and RMS applications, bringing the total number of RIMS agencies in California to 165!

Vacaville is located approximately 55 miles northeast of San Francisco in Solano County served by nearly 170 law enforcement and 100 fire/EMS employees.

They join five other Solano County agencies using RIMS including the Solano County Sheriff’s Office, Vallejo Police Department, Fairfield Police Department, Suisun City Police Department, and Rio Vista Police Department.

The City of Vacaville will support its law enforcement and fire operations with RIMS CAD, RMS, Mobile RIMS, e911, RIMS State Switch (CLETS), iRIMS Law, iRIMS Fire/EMS, and additional applications and integrations.

In addition, the existing data in VisionAir will be converted into RIMS.

We are so excited to announce this new partnership! Welcome to the RIMS family!!!!


2019 National Telecommunicators Week

The RIMS team would like to recognize the women and men who work tirelessly behind the mic to serve their communities. You are truly the first link to help and calm in people’s times of need, some during the darkest moments of their lives.
You are professional first responders who save lives and deserve to be recognized not only today or this week but every day.
We are honored to be able to work and serve with some of the finest people on earth! THANK YOU and happy National Telecommunicators Week!!!!!

RIMS and Bishop Paiute Tribal Police Join Forces

Bishop Paiute Tribal Police

Bishop Paiute Tribal Police announced they have selected RIMS for their CAD/RMS program. Located in Inyo County, California at the base of the Eastern Sierra Mountains, Bishop Paiute tribe is comprised of 2000 tribal members and is a sovereign nation.

The Bishop Paiute Tribal Police join 163 other California law enforcement agencies who trust RIMS as their integrated public safety software provider. Please join us in welcoming Bishop Paiute Tribal Police!

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