Our first delivery of the year! Yurok Tribe Police joins RIMS!

The stork has arrived with our first delivery of 2020! Yurok Tribe Police has joined the RIMS family! The Yurok Tribe of the Yurok Reservation is located in parts of Del Norte and Humboldt counties, California.
With almost 5,000 enrolled members, the Yurok Tribe is California’s largest Indian Tribe. The 84 square miles reservation is adjacent to Redwood National Park.

Yurok Tribe Police will use RIMS RMS, Mobiles/Officer Field Reporting, iRIMS LE, Property Room, and TIMS.

Atwater, CA Police Department now a RIMS Family Member!

Located in Merced County, CA along State Highway 99, the City of Atwater has joined the RIMS family!!!! Approximately 30,000 residents call Atwater home and will be served by RIMS CAD/RMS, Mobiles, E911, CLETS, In Station Mapping, Mobile Mapping, PropRoom, and Collaborate.

The current TracNet application used by Atwater PD will be converted into RIMS as well.

Please join us in welcoming Atwater Police Department as our 174th California agency!!

Coronado Police Department joins the family!

We welcomed Crescent City to the RIMS family a few days ago thanked them for giving us a few of the ocean! Now, we would like to welcome Coronado to the RIMS family and giving us a place to put our toes in the sand!! Coronado Police Department is located next to San Diego, CA and is home to about 24,500 residents. Staffed by over 67 employees, Coronado Police Department is lead by Chief Chuck Kaye. Welcome to the RIMS family!!!!!


WOO HOO!!!!! Susanville Police Department is now a Member of the RIMS Family!!

RIMS would like to welcome California family member #173 to the RIMS family!!! Susanville Police Department has signed a contract for RIMS and will use RMS, Mobiles, E911, CLETS, In Station Mapping, Mobile Mapping, CitRIMS, IRIMS/LE, and TIMS (Training Information Management System). In addition they will also have a link to CopLogic.

Located in northern California in Lassen County, Susanville is home to about 18,000 residents and has sixteen officers, a community service officer (CSO), and an administrative assistant. Welcome to the RIMS family!!!


Gotta Love a View of the Ocean

We have a view of the ocean (and RIMS loves to hang out on the beach!) Crescent City, CA Police Department has taken us into their agency and given us a great view of the Pacific Ocean! The “Redwood Gate to the Golden State” is a community of 7,600 and will use RIMS RMS, Property Room, RIMS Collaborate, and iRIMS LE.

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