South Lake Tahoe Police Department

South Lake Tahoe Police Department joins the RIMS family

South Lake Tahoe Police Department joins El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office in using RIMS!!! The heart of RIMSCON and course, Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe is located in El Dorado County, CA, and is home to appx. 22,000 residents. SLTPD is comprised of about 50 officers, 9 dispatchers, and about 12 support and records staff members.

SLTPD will use RIMS CAD/RMS, Mapping, PropRoom, Citizen RIMS, e911 link, CLETS, RIMS2Text, and RIMS Collaborate. Additionally, they will use TIMS, DA Link, Body Cam Link, SWITRS Export, ProQ&A, iRIMS FE, Fire Station Printing, FireRMS link, Zetron Fire Alerting, citation imports, and iRIMS LE.

We are excited to welcome them to the family!


Gilroy, CA Police Department

Gilroy, CA is a community of appx. 59,000 residents and is located in Santa Clara County. Served by a police department with 65 sworn officers and 40 professional staff members, the City of Gilroy is our newest RIMS family member.

Gilroy PD will replace their existing Tiburon system with RIMS CAD, RMS, Mobiles, iRIMS/Law, In Station Mapping, Mobile Mapping, PropRoom, CitRIMS, E911, CLETS, RIMS2Text, Collaborate, TIMS, CopLogic Import, AutoCite Import, AXON Link, and Crossroads Collision Export. Additionally, their data will be converted into RIMS.

Gilroy PD is our 195th California RIMS agency! Welcome to the RIMS family!!!


RIMS scores a “Home” Run with El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office

Since 1994 Sun Ridge Systems, Inc. has called El Dorado County, California home! We are so excited to announce the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has selected RIMS to replace their existing TracNet CAD/RMS and JMS software application.

El Dorado County is home to almost 200,000 residents and encompasses 1,786 square miles. The Sheriff’s Office is served by 392 total employees including 185 patrol deputies, 119 corrections deputies, and 23 dispatchers.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office will use RIMS CAD, RMS, InCustody JMS, Mobiles, E911, CLETS, In Station Mapping, Mobile Mapping, PropRoom, RIMS Collaborate, Citizen RIMS, iRIMS LE, TIMS, and numerous interfaces for both their patrol and jail operations. The project will also include converting TracNet data into RIMS.

We welcome the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office home to the RIMS family!!


Sun Ridge Systems “RIMS” CIBRS Update

RIMS by Sun Ridge Systems is working to integrate CIBRS to it’s RMS

The team at Sun Ridge Systems is pleased to announce we are working to transition RIMS from UCR to CIBRS for our 185+ California agencies.

Sun Ridge Systems has always ensured that many of the mandatory data collection requirements set forth by the California Legislature including CLETS, RIPA (AB953), CHP-555, Use of Force, and more, are quickly and seamlessly implemented into RIMS.  We are excited to ensure a successful transition to CIBRS and have assembled a team dedicated to exclusively support our California agencies during this time.

Sun Ridge Systems has the experience of implementing NIBRS in other states and has been working closely with State, Federal, and local agencies to ensure a successful launch of CIBRS, including selected beta testing sites.

Our team has developed the RIMS e-Learning System to provide agencies with, not only online training, but support documents, videos, and manuals.  Of course, as always, live help will be available. 


Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Los Altos PD’s select RIMS

Three Santa Clara County agencies have selected RIMS for their RMS provider. Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Los Altos Police Departments will use RIMS RMS, Mobiles, Mapping, PropRoom, CitizenRIMS, iRIMS LE, TIMS, Collaborate, and CLETS.

In addition, there are multiple interfaces including e-citations, CopLogic, Hexagon CAD transfer, Crossroads, and Dataworks.

Welcome our three newest agencies to the RIMS family!

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