RIMS2Text is not a separate mobile application that needs to be purchased and installed on your smartphone or other portable digital devices.  Text messages are simply sent to your device delivering vital incident information to the fingertips of your emergency responders and other staff.

If your agency needs to notify or call out personnel in certain circumstances, the RIMS2Text interface can do it for you. RIMS2Text can send an alphanumeric message to a single person or a group of persons.  RIMS2Text is a perfect solution for daily operations, special task forces, fire personnel, EMS personnel, and support personnel.

Texts can be automatically or manually sent, based on your needs at that moment.

RIMS2Text supports paging to third-party solutions such as Emergency Responder (ECM2), iamresponding.com, and Active911.  Works with local SMTP servers.

Directly from RIMS CAD:

  • Send text messages to text-enabled pagers, smartphones, or any email-enabled device

  • Send text messages to users or group

  • Automatically send Incident information

    • By Unit

    • Incident Type

  • Send Cancellation Messages

  • Works from Mobile RIMS

  • Custom Configuration

  • Send Google Maps link of Incident location information

  • Pursuit Paging

  • Send Person photos…an excellent solution for Amber Alert, Silver Alert or BOLO events!

RIMS2Text also works as part of RIMS RMS and features:

  • Notify key staff when tagged records are viewed

  • Person

  • Vehicle

  • Location/Premise

  • Notify personnel of issued subpoenas

    • Added

    • Changed

    • Cancelled

  • Case kickbacks for user corrections

  • Send mugshots to officers, field units, special teams