RIMS Collaborate.  Powerful Tools to Connect.

Now, more than ever, the sharing of resources and ideas among law enforcement agencies is a necessity.  Just as important, is the ability for agencies to control what information is shared.  RIMS Collaborate, integrated directly with RIMS CAD, RIMS RMS and Mobile RIMS applications, seamlessly connects RIMS agencies together…with only a few clicks.

Agencies can share unlimited records of CAD and RMS information and view the same detailed information from other RIMS agencies.  Security and control of your data is paramount.  Each agency decides which RIMS Collaborate data to share.

Shared information is also available from remote locations such as a patrol cars, mobile command centers, and even your smartphone.   The connected system of agencies allows public safety personnel to access one of the most advanced searchable databases offered today.

In addition to interagency data sharing, RIMS Collaborate offers agencies a secure mode of sending and receiving e-mail communications to each other. Whether dispatcher-to-dispatcher, or officer-to-officer or patrol car-to patrol car, personnel now have an encrypted, private means of sharing information.

  • RIMS CAD Incident Transfer

  • On-Duty Units

  • Stolen Vehicles

  • Missing Persons

  • Case Reports

    • Narratives

    • Photographs

    • Property

  • Pawned Items

  • Person Records

  • Vehicle Records

  • FI Information

  • Civil Process/Subpoenas

  • Warrants

  • Location History

  • Premise/Business Records

Connecting over 70 agencies in California, many in the San Francisco Bay area, RIMS Collaborate sets the standard for data sharing.

  • Share CAD Units
  • Allow an agency to create and transfer incidents to another agency

For agencies separated by hundreds of miles, RIMS Collaborate brings them together.  Currently 18 Wyoming RIMS agencies, including the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, connect and share vital person, vehicle, and case information.


Security and control of your data is paramount.  Each agency decides what information to share with other RIMS agencies.  Sharing permissions can quickly be implemented or withdrawn based on established protocols or immediate needs.

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