A key benefit to RIMS State Switch (RSS) is dispatchers, records clerks and other users no longer have to switch to a separate application to run such queries.  Queries and responses are permanently recorded in RIMS and RIMS automatically links returns to RIMS data. RIMS State Link also:

  • Provides dispatchers and records clerks with quick access to over 100 NCIC/NLETS forms

  • Automatically generates queries for traffic stops

  • Attaches queries as entries in the chronological history of the CAD incident

  • Generates multiple queries from a single person query

  • Maintains a log of all responses received

  • Allows searching of query responses

  • Automatically tags responses as “HIT” or “VALID” or “EXPIRED” with color coded banners

  • Supports both command line and form-based queries

  • Fully supported in Mobile RIMS, and our jail management application, InCustody.

 Forms Manager gives users instant access to NCIC/NLETS through our integrated applications.

Directly integrated with most of our applications, the Forms Manager gives users instant access to over 100 NCIC/NLETS entry forms including Wanted Persons, Stolen Vehicles, Supervised Release, Sex and Arson, Property Records, Missing Persons, Identify Theft, Firearms, Domestic Violence, Criminal History, Boats, and Administrative Messages.

Eliminate dual entry!  Most forms in Form Manager are auto-populated with the information found in RIMS.


RSS provides direct connections to many state switches.  If you don’t see your’s listed,  contact us for more information!


Besides connecting directly to state/NCIC databases, RIMS connects to many California county switches for querying county CJIS databases.  These include:

  • Alameda

  • Contra Costa

  • Humboldt

  • Los Angeles

  • Orange

  • Placer

  • San Bernardino

  • San Diego

  • San Mateo

  • Santa Clara

Don’t see your county listed?  Contact us to see how we can support you.


RIMS State switch supports the following commercial switches:

  • Datamaxx/DMPP-2020

  • IBM WebSphere

  • JLink 4

  • Taylored Solutions

  • Level II

  • Motorola Solutions

  • CPI (Computer Projects of Illinois)’s State Switch using FoxTalk TCP/IP protocol.