Jail Management made easy.  Approaching 20 years of development and use, the RIMS Jail Management System (InCustody) provides the tools you need to establish an information-rich command center for your jail.

Fully integrated with the RIMS Record Management System, InCustody gives you complete search capabilities and access to the Persons and Case information you need.  Just as with RIMS CAD and RMS,  InCustody is one of the most comprehensive jail management systems on the market.  As with all of our applications, it is so easy to learn and use.  InCustody increases efficiency by streamlining your booking and release processes.  It reduces paperwork by storing all necessary information in one place.

Jails are a gold mine of criminal networking and information.   Let InCustody help you use this information to manage and direct jail resources


Facilitate booking procedures with standardized general booking information as well as the ability to:

  • Open and manage multiple bookings at one time

  • Log property information including type, description, hazards, location and disposition

  • Make cell classification, intake, medical, risk, safety and visual assessments

  • Record charge information including type, bail amount, level, counts and strikes

  • Place holds on inmates’ records for out-of-agency warrants/holds

  • Release inmate only after certain criteria met

  • Set dentist, doctor and other appointments

  • Track medications

  • Integrated Mugshots/Digital Imaging



Quickly lookup records and create bookings and visitation records using a driver’s license swipe.  When enabled, automatically check NCIC/State wants and warrants.

InCustody currently uses the E-Seek 250 and 260 models to support this function.


Quickly collect and log inmate property and assign jail issued property to inmates.

  • Property locations

  • Property hazards

  • Assigned inmate property

  • Photograph inmate property

  • Document release and disposition of property

  • Distinguish cells by facility name, building name, floor, section, cell and bed

  • View available and assigned cells

  • Track cell assignments and re-assignment

  • Quickly swap a cell with another inmate

  • Keep-Away listings

  • Report cell history

  • View inmates who are currently ‘out of the facility’


InCustody medical records collects, tracks and maintains a comprehensive listing of the needed reporting elements for inmates.

Tracking inmate medical information is essential to reducing jail liability and to managing inmate morale.  With an integrated medical record system, InCustody gives you the tools you need to:

  • Configure, collect, update and review medical questionnaires.

  • Chart medical provider notes and general information

  • Collect and track vitals (Blood Pressure/Temperature/ Pulse/Respirations/SA02/Weight)

  • Track diabetic information

  • Track tuberculosis testing and x-ray results

  • Track and electronically log inmate medication

  • Enter and track medical appointments

  • Track allergy information

  • Track special diets

  • Attach medical records


If agencies wish to manage their own inmate commissary systems, InCustody gives you the ability to easily manage this.

  • Suspend and reinstate commissary privileges

  • Maintain commissary inventory and item costs

  • Allow indigent items

  • Print worksheets for inmates

  • Create re-order and confirmation sheets

  • Track item costs separately by agency cost, resale and tax amounts

  • Tax reports

InCustody also provides interfaces to jail commissary providers.  See how we can streamline your jail operations.


Similar to a “Case” for patrol officers, Jail Incidents allow jail staff to create and track any type of jail case information.  This can include inmate rule violations, general information reports, PREA reports, use-of-force reports, and much more.

  • Track jail incidents by type, location, date and time

  • Track specific jail rule violations

  • Create narratives of Jail Incidents

  • Comprehensive use-of-force documentation

  • Track involved inmates and officers

  • Hearing Officer/Hearing Board Information

  • Notice of Rule Violations to inmates

  • Track evidence and jail contraband/property types

  • Supervisor approval of incidents

  • Routing

  • Jail Incident and Evidence/Contraband photos


Jails are one of the most critical components to the criminal justice system.  Jail commanders and staff are often tasked with having to provide information to multiple agencies for a variety of reasons.  InCustody provides more than 50 comprehensive canned reports for your jail facility.  

As with all of our applications, RIMS Search is a powerful tool for collecting, compiling, and presenting statistical information.  See how we can help you manage your facility using the data collected with InCustody.

Need a custom report or statistical information at a moments notice?  RIMS Search allows facilities to quickly gather and illustrate information related to all aspects of jail management.

  • Agency invoicing

  • Inmate appointment list

  • Court roster list

  • Inmate list by name

  • Inmate list by booking number

  • Inmate list by cell location

  • Bookings by charge

  • Scheduled releases

  • Population reports by custody status, race, and cell

  • Average daily population

  • Shift Bulletin


Federal reporting is a necessity for facilities.  InCustody provides and maintains up-to-date reports for:

  • State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP)

  • Social Security Reporting

  • Bureau of Justice Statistics CJ-9A

  • Bureau of Justice Statistics CJ-5


Need an interface to a jail application to help support your operations?  Look to see what we currently offer.  Don’t see what you need?  Ask us how we can make that a reality.  Visit our Integrated Solutions page for more information on:

  • Inmate Commissary

  • Inmate Medical Records

  • Inmate Phone Systems

  • Specialized Purpose Interfaces

  • Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

  • State of Oregon Department of Employment ReportLivescan/AFIS Devices