Tired of being shackled to your desk to write reports?  RIMS Officer Field Reporting (OFR) gives the officer in the field the same experience as writing a case report in the office.  OFR allows officers to create, modify and submit any case report  – even allowing the officer to write a report without network connectivity.

OFR is not new to RIMS.  In fact, we have been writing reports in the field for over 20 years.  Today, OFR has a new look with a streamlined entry process, part of our commitment to innovation, technology, and officer safety.  Take a look at what our newly redesigned OFR has to offer.

RIMS Officer Field Reporting
RIMS OFR is supported on any Windows tablet or laptop
  • Integrated with Mobile RIMS for access to RIMS records
  • Write case reports off-line
  • Seamlessly sync case report information entered in the field to all other RIMS applications
  • Access to CAD Incident Information
    • Persons
    • Vehicles
  • View, add, and modify information
    • Add initial case report
    • Add supplemental information
    • Add Persons
    • Add Vehicles
    • Add Property/Evidence
  • Complete collision reports including the CHP-555