APBNet Integration to RIMS CAD


Integrated with RIMS State Switch, this integration requires no additional software changes and is integrated with the State mask. This automatically queries APBnet of the license plates and driver license checks ran through RIMS.


RIMS CAD transfers basic RIMS CAD Incident information to the Axon body camera system.  Using the Officer/Unit ID, the interface correlates CAD events by:
- Automating basic incident information entry for every recording
- Improving data accuracy with complete, correct info
- Increasing officer efficiency after each recorded call



This integration provides information from RIMS CAD on False Alarm Incidents to the CitySupport False Alarm solution.


Used with RIMS CAD, Mobile RIMS utilizes Cradlepoint as a GPS/AVL hardware solution.

cry wolf false alarm solutions RIMS CAD integration

CryWolf False Alarm CAD Integration

This integration provides information from RIMS CAD on False Alarm Incidents to the CryWolf False Alarm solution.

ESRI Mapping Software

Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

Around the world, local governments use GIS to improve decision making, service delivery, and citizen engagement.  Since most government data is location based, equipping your organization with the latest in GIS technology provides the tools needed to make your community better. 

Google Maps

Google Maps, as utilized by Sun Ridge Systems, is one of two mapping options for RIMS Map. This solution offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets (Street View), real-time traffic conditions (Google Traffic), and route planning.

Intergraph/Hexagon CAD to RIMS RMS Transfer

Are you using Intergraph/Hexagon CAD but want to use RIMS RMS? We import Intergraph/Hexagon CAD event information into RIMS RMS including Case #, Persons, Vehicles and other information.


Mindbase Proactive Wellness Technology™ integration into RIMS CAD provides a modern and effective approach in proactively supporting officers experiencing mental and emotional health challenges by evaluating dispatch data and providing personalized wellness resources when they need it most. Platform features include an Agency mobile wellness app; an Administrative dashboard; Customized agency wellness content and resources; and a Family mobile wellness app.

NICE Power Public Safety

NICE Inform is a suite of modular applications for incident information management that can run over traditional and IP-based networks. It records multimedia interactions between the public, emergency centers, and first responders. RIMS creates SQL views for NICE to capture CAD incident information.


Integrated into RIMS CAD, ProQA Law, Fire, EMD (Paramount 5.0x) is launched giving dispatchers immediate access to EMD Cards based on the Incident Type in RIMS CAD.  Additionally, RIMS CAD passes key CAD data to ProQA. 


When that emergency call comes in your team will be ready. But what if someone was already at the scene, applying lifesaving CPR and defibrillation until the EMS team arrived? With PulsePoint, your RIMS CAD alerts CPR-trained bystanders about a nearby event through the PulsePoint Respond mobile app, and lets them know the location of the closest AED.


Receive vital incident information from wireless devices (Android, iOS, MedicAlert, Avaya/911, and many more) including faster and precise location information, text to CAD, automated call-routing, emergency types, and medical and demographic information.

There is no additional charge for this integration and requires RIMS 25.0.11+ and RIMS E911 6.01+. A subscription agreement (also no cost) between the agency and RapidSOS is required.

Sierra Wireless

Used with RIMS CAD, Mobile RIMS utilizes Sierra Wireless solutions Raven and Airlink hardware for AVL/GPS integration.

Tablet Command

Tablet Command

Tablet Command queries RIMS CAD to populate information in Tablet Command including CAD Incident information, ability to view and change Unit and Status information, view mapping information, stage Units, and more.


Using TriTech CAD?  We import TriTech CAD event information into RIMS RMS including event description, persons, and case number assignment.

what3words RIMS CAD Integration


What3Words is provided, at no cost, to our customers as an additional resource for locating a caller's location through RIMS CAD and RIMS Map integration.

Zetron Paging

When a Fire or EMS unit is dispatched, this interface will key-up the associated radio channel for the responsible Fire or Medic Station(s) and page out radio tones using the Zetron controller.