Fire/EMS Integration Solutions

Active911 Interface

Active 911

Transfer RIMS CAD information to the Active911 application including Incident location, type of call, units assigned, additional comments, and more!

Cradlepoint GPS/AVL Hardware Solutions

Mobile RIMS utilizes Cradlepint as a GPS/AVL solution.

Emergency Reporting

Pull data directly from your agency's local 911 dispatch system with a CAD interface to Emergency Reporting.

How it works:
- Dispatchers enter new information for complex and rapidly evolving incidents.
- The CAD system exports Fire and EMS data in real time or at the end of the call.
- RIM CAD transmits, configures, and uploads the data directly into Emergency Reporting

In many cases, Emergency Reporting can configure your account to receive, organize, and download evolving data, allowing your station to run reports on the fly.

ESO Patient Care Reporting

Transfer vital CAD event information from RIMS CAD to Health EMS PCR system including event location and times.


FIREHOUSE uses an integrated database and graphical user interface so data is entered one time, even when used in different areas of the system. FIREHOUSE helps agencies manage business, day-to-day operations & planning, field operations & decision support, communications, and technical challenges. RIMS CAD transfers fire/EMS incident information upon initial dispatch and final Incident information is transferred when completed.

FirePoint RMS

The FirePoint CAD Connector provides your fire department with a solid and useful interface to RIMS CAD.  The software consists of an application that runs on a server PC.  It monitors a folder for CAD transaction files then imports those files directly into the CAD Connector. A graph on the main window tracks the number of dispatches by hour for the last 24-hours.

As CAD transactions are imported from RIMS CAD, they are converted into records that are automatically read by FirePoint. As an added feature, the CAD Connector publishes web pages listing all Incident and Apparatus responses for the past 24-hours as well as for the past 10 days.


RIMS CAD transfers Incident information to FirstWatch so medical personnel have immediate access to RIMS CAD information.

Google Maps

Google Maps, as utilized by Sun Ridge Systems, is one of two mapping options for RIMS Map. This solution offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets (Street View), real-time traffic conditions (Google Traffic), and route planning.


Transfer vital CAD event information from RIMS CAD to Health EMS PCR system including event location and times.

ImageTrend Patient Care Reporting

Many states and agencies use ImageTrend to collect patient care information.  RIMS CAD transfers CAD event information live and after the completion of the call to first responders, using ImageTrend's reporting applications.

Infinite Command

RIMS CAD transfers incident information to Infinite Command giving Fire and EMS agencies timely access.

Mach Alert

Mach Alert is a full-featured fire station alerting (FSA) solution designed to provide state-of-the-art functionality and reliability within the fire and medical alerting process. Our proven design gives dispatchers the tools to get first responders on the road faster than ever before—while reducing stress and keeping their focus on getting the job done.

RIMS CAD integrates seamlessly to send data from a CAD Incident to the Mach Alert application for automatically alerting stations.

Sierra Wireless

Agencies can use Sierra Wireless hardware for their GPS/AVL needs. Mobile RIMS currently can support the AirLink and Raven hardware solutions.

Streetwise CADlink

RIMS CAD transfers Incident call information seamlessly to Streetwise CADlink so first responders can use this application to see Incident location, routing, hydrant displays, etc.


With PulsePoint, your RIMS CAD alerts CPR-trained bystanders about a nearby EMS event through the PulsePoint Respond mobile app, and lets them know the location of the closest AED.

First-In by Westnet

RIMS CAD sends notifications to Westnet First-In Alerting System with incident and unit information, statuses, location, and other data that First-In then passes to personnel using their alerting system.

World Advancement of Technology for EMS and Rescue

World Advancement of Technology for EMS and Rescue (W.A.T.E.R)

Transfer CAD data from RIMS CAD to W.A.T.E.R.'s electronic patient care reporting (EPCR) software system.

Zoll Fire RMS Transfer

Zoll's solution for fire departments is not a simple NFIRS fire incident reporting software, it is a complete solution designed to manage all aspects of fire departments of all sizes. RIMS CAD transfers Incident information initially when the event is created and final information when units clear and the Incident is closed.

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