Law Enforcement

RIMS was first installed at Rocklin, CA Police Department in 1985.  We are honored to share a continuing relationship with them to this today.  More than 250 state law enforcement agencies, county sheriffs, tribal and municipal police departments trust Sun Ridge Systems to provide them with the stable, high-quality applications needed to manage their agencies.

Fire/EMS Agencies

RIMS supports features and functions needed by public and private fire/EMS agencies. RIMS CAD provides fire/EMS unit recommendation, fire station run cards, incident response plans, fire response types, text messaging/paging, mobiles, mapping, iRIMS, incident reference documents and more.

RIMS CAD has a variety of Fire RMS and EMS ePCR integration solutions to as well. View our Fire/EMS Integrations page for additional information.

Communication Centers

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) is key to quickly receiving, processing and tracking emergency and non-emergency incidents.  We serve PSAP (Public Safety Answering Points) centers throughout the nation and are committed to the high standards set by APCO and NENA.

Corporate and Private Security

Private security continues to evolve to meet the ever dynamic and changing needs of our communities.  Our integrated solutions help companies keep track of activities and produce professional reports for customers and corporate leaders. RIMS currently serves private security operations in public malls, manufacturing plants, motion picture studios, public park systems, and private patrol services.

School District Police

RIMS is used in over 240 schools, serving more than 220,000 students.  Our applications are in some of the largest school districts in the nation including San Bernardino County, CA and Kern County, CA School Districts.

College and University Police

40 colleges and university police agencies in multiple states trust RIMS to provide the platform to manage campus public safety operations.  In addition to the integrated CAD/RMS applications, RIMS seamlessly collects data and produces the Clery report.

Detention/Correctional Facilities

As part of our integrated software applications, InCustody provides a powerful tool for jail management.  InCustody is a comprehensive application that manages all aspects of your jail operations.

Casino Security

Tracking incidents and person information for casino operations is vital.  Security professionals rely on RIMS to provide immediate access to this information, including managing player profiles and trespassers.

Hospital Public Safety

It is important for hospitals and health care centers to develop and support a comprehensive security program to effectively support and maintain physical protection for patients, staff, and visitors.
Central to that program is a solid CAD/RMS application that allows users to quickly identify and respond to hospital incidents.