In most cases, Project Management is an afterthought of a public safety project.  But good project management can mean the difference between a smooth, direct path to success and a high profile fiasco for your department.  Sun Ridge Systems project managers have a minimum of 15 years of project management experience, specifically in public safety, with agencies of all sizes, all over the country.  We’ve done this many times.

The keys to managing a project are not lots of meetings and project reports.  The keys are having a plan and executing that plan in detail.  Because we sell off-the-shelf software rather than custom systems, we essentially have one implementation plan.  We have honed that implementation plan over many projects and many years.  From the opening kickoff meeting in which our project manager presents the project plan and works with you to establish the project timeline, we follow that plan.  Our project manager manages not only the tasks we have to accomplish, but also identifies in detail the tasks and due dates for your department.  These tasks are tracked to their timely completion, as well. This continues until the day your users actually switch over to RIMS (with us on site), a day that is potentially traumatic – but won’t be because your department and your personnel will be fully prepared.

And remember, our typical schedule is only about six to eight months.

Although we do many CAD & RMS projects each year, we understand that your project is the most important one to you and that’s the way we treat it.

Our project managers provide years of project experience, specifically in public safety.