The RIMS training plan is designed around satisfying the following objectives:

  • Provide all personnel with the knowledge necessary to become efficient, productive RIMS users.
  • Training must also be keyed to the job responsibilities of trainees (dispatch, clerk, administrator, officer)
  • The training plan must swift and effective.  We take into account that personnel will have limited time available for training due to scheduling, overtime and operational considerations.

Our training plan incorporates these three objectives into a brief but comprehensive course designed to bring personnel to a level of understanding of RIMS sufficient to begin operational use of the system. Key to users’ ability to quickly grasp the essentials of RIMS is its ease of use refined over more than 30 years in the field and the consistency in its design — learn how to do a few functions and you notice the rest work pretty much the same way.

The key concept behind our training is “hands on.” Training sessions are not lectures. Instead personnel learn how to use RIMS by using it in the classroom environment.  As with any software product, comfort and competence only occur through repeated use.   All training is done onsite using experienced law enforcement trainers – people who know the product inside out and, just as important, are public safety professionals.