Field Solutions – Mobile RIMS

With Mobile RIMS, personnel in the field are linked directly to the RIMS CAD and RMS, giving them complete access to information.  It provides comprehensive data access and unit status reporting with more functions and features than any other such system and it does so with more than 30 years of field use behind it, guaranteeing that it is designed around the way officers do business.  Like all RIMS products, Mobile RIMS is ever-evolving, continually adding functions and taking advantage of the latest improvements in mobile technology. 

Key Mobile RIMS advantages include:

  • Reduced radio traffic, so the communications center runs more smoothly.
  • Provide officers with information instantly, creating an extra margin of safety.
  • Enable officers to provide better service to the public by keeping officers in the field.
  • Create more secure transmissions without the need for alternate, secured, or scrambled radio channels.
  • Save money by increasing officer efficiency and streamlining report preparation

Key Features

  • Secure, FIPS-encrypted digital communication meeting or exceeding CJIS requirements
  • Automatic transmission of relevant incident information
  • Access to state and national vehicle and person information databases
  • One-button digital unit status reporting
  • One-time data entry
  • Touch screen compatible with extra large on-screen buttons
  • Available voice announcement of results of query responses from state/NCIC databases
  • Provides access to outside RIMS agency systems with the optional RIMS Collaborate data sharing
  • Optional in-car mapping with automatic vehicle location (AVL).
  • Supports all current wireless networks and selected radio networks
  • It can be used without CAD
  • Integrated with RIMS Officer Field Reporting
  • Multiple integration solutions
  • On duty sign-on with vehicle, mileage, and equipment information
  • Instantly notify fleet managers of vehicle issues
  • Run NCIC/state queries
  • Drivers License Swipe
  • Receive Incidents and updated comments immediately
  • Change Unit Status
  • Message dispatchers and all other RIMS users
  • Obtain case numbers electronically
  • Look up past Incidents
  • Displays real-time status list of all law enforcement and Fire/EMS units
  • Displays a real-time updated list of all active Incidents

Additional Features

  • Complete case reports, including Case Approvals
  • View Case Log and existing case reports, including photos
  • Check Vehicle record information
  • Check Person record information, including mug shots
  • Obtain a Unit activity log
  • Check location history
  • Searches
  • Incident and Group Chat
  • Night mode
  • Create Incidents from the field
  • Track K-9 Activity


Integrated with Mobile RIMS and RIMS, Officer Field Reporting (OFR) allows officers to complete case reports from start to finish—all from their mobile computers.


View our Fire/EMS Mobiles page for information on Mobile features unique to fire/EMS operations.

Automated Vehicle Location (AVL)

Mobile RIMS supports Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) features including:

  • Unit AVL display in RIMS In-Station and Mobile Maps
  • Unit playback using RIMS Map
  • Geo-Fence options
  • And More!

For units requiring stand-alone AVL hardware options, we currently support:

  • Sierra Wireless AirLink
  • Cradlepoint
  • Sierra Wireless Raven

Don’t see your hardware solution listed? Contact us for information.