"The best decision was purchasing this software."
"I am not used to this level of customer support. Phenomenal job!!"
"RIMS is the 'industry standard' for law enforcement software!"

In 1985, there was one police department using RIMS in Rocklin, California.   Now there are hundreds and that first customer, Rocklin PD, is still with us.

Today those 40 years do not reflect an aging product in any way.  On the contrary, they have enabled us to continually improve and on occasion even reinvent parts of RIMS while implementing a never-ending stream of new functionality and features that makes it very difficult for our competitors, particularly those newer to the marketplace, to ever catch up. 

Yes, after all these years we most certainly know what we are doing.  This experience extends beyond our software.  On the delivery side, we’ve used exactly the same project plan on every new installation.  These installations are being done by small teams of highly experienced personnel, from project managers to installation engineers to trainers and we have never had a failed project.

How can a company created a few years ago compete with us?  The answer is simple.  They can’t.


Procuring a new CAD/RMS system is a mission-critical project for every agency. It is also, by its technical nature, a difficult project to manage for the department’s responsible officer, given that it is likely that person has not done it before.  Further, evaluating the systems proposed by prospective suppliers is also a fraught process. One vendor may say, “You must be in the cloud.”  Another vendor may sway your personnel with how pretty their screens look (without you ever seeing if that has anything to do with their functionality, much less ease of use). A third may tell you that their brand-new company products make sliced bread obsolete.

So how do you decide? Failure is not an option, but many of these projects do fail, with the agency admitting to themselves even before the system goes live that they made a big mistake and then likely having to live with the “mistake” system for years.

Reputation should be the single, most critical factor in determining your vendor choice. Very specifically, do the users at reference agencies actually like the software? To be sure, talk to/visit multiple agencies of a vendor of interest, not just the agencies the vendor suggests. 

Sun Ridge Systems will have no problem passing this test.


What separates RIMS software from the crowd?

First, we have decades of experience in this business — developing CAD, Records, and Jail Management software and all the ancillary products accompanying it. Clicking on the RIMS Solutions menu item gives you an instant view of the breadth of our product line.

We continually update our products, adding 100 new enhancements to our core CAD/RMS/JMS products each year, which are just the ones that originate from user requests. Many more ideas originate with us and are similarly added to our products.  Additionally, we are always quick to implement new mandated requirements, such as
NIBRS reporting and stop data reporting.

The other critical half of owning software is getting support when you have issues.  Members of our support team all have law enforcement backgrounds and are literal experts on our software.  The person answering your call will not be reading from a script. In most cases they will be able to actually help you. If not, they will immediately pass the issue on to our software staff.

When talking to agencies about CAD/RMS software, ask how they are treated when they have a problem.

Lastly, RIMS software will never grow old at your agency. Updates are issued regularly (beyond the annual major new edition) and are trivial to implement. Subscribe to our support and updates service, and you will always have the current version—you will never have to buy a “new version” years down the road.