RIMS e911

The RIMS E911 interface works with a variety of E911 PSAP vendors using an agency-configurable ANI/ALI parsing screen.

When a 911 call is received, the data is pushed to a CAD Incident (Call For Service) screen that automatically displays on the dispatcher’s workstation.  Location information, including Latitude, Longitude, Uncertainty, Confidence, and the Subscriber’s Name are imported.


  • E911 Positions
    The E911 PSAP position can be mapped to the RIMS Workstation number.
  • City Code MSAG Mapping
    A RIMS city code can be mapped to one or more MSAG codes to verify the location against the RIMS geo file.
  • E911 Log
    All inbound calls for each position are recorded in an E911 log, which is viewable on the CAD Incident (Call For Service) screen.
  • RapidSOS Integration
    RapidSOS support is included as part of the E911 interface. Your agency sets up an account with RapidSOS, which will provide your agency with a User Name and Password. Those credentials are entered into the E911 software, and the interface will query RapidSOS for wireless calls.
    The interface will reverse geocode the location from RapidSOS and push that address to the CAD call screen.