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Sun Ridge Systems “RIMS” CIBRS Update

RIMS by Sun Ridge Systems is working to integrate CIBRS to it’s RMS

The team at Sun Ridge Systems is pleased to announce we are working to transition RIMS from UCR to CIBRS for our 185+ California agencies.

Sun Ridge Systems has always ensured that many of the mandatory data collection requirements set forth by the California Legislature including CLETS, RIPA (AB953), CHP-555, Use of Force, and more, are quickly and seamlessly implemented into RIMS.  We are excited to ensure a successful transition to CIBRS and have assembled a team dedicated to exclusively support our California agencies during this time.

Sun Ridge Systems has the experience of implementing NIBRS in other states and has been working closely with State, Federal, and local agencies to ensure a successful launch of CIBRS, including selected beta testing sites.

Our team has developed the RIMS e-Learning System to provide agencies with, not only online training, but support documents, videos, and manuals.  Of course, as always, live help will be available. 

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