Technical Support

The successful launch of a new public safety system is just the beginning. 

More important in the long run is your relationship with your vendor.  Even if you are satisfied with the system, you will certainly have occasions to seek support when you have questions or issues.  Your overall satisfaction will quickly be colored, positively or negatively, by how Support handles those issues.  Verifying the actual satisfaction level of users with a vendor’s support should be an essential element of selecting a system.  We have no doubt what you will be told when you ask about our support team.

RIMS was developed to be as dependable as any member of your department, but it is not perfect.  We take customer support very seriously, considering it as key to our business and reputation as our products.

We can connect to your system using remote access and diagnose any problems quickly.  And when we need to correct a software problem, an update is often available in a day or two.

Don’t take our word for it; ask our customers!