While installing a RIMS system is not exactly like installing an app on your phone, the actual physical installation of the software is very straightforward. Our installation of the software on your server takes less than one day.  Installing on individual PCs and mobile PCs takes about five minutes each.

Most agencies consider purchasing a new CAD/RMS system an opportunity to upgrade their server(s) and network, but this is not necessarily required. We discuss exact hardware requirements and options for RIMS at the project kickoff meeting and afterward as needed.


Sun Ridge Systems sells “off-the-shelf” software. Every agency has the same RIMS; there are no “custom” versions. This is critical for our users, greatly contributing to the reliability of our products and, just as important, allowing us to provide regular product updates to all our users quickly and painlessly.

However, this does not mean that your system cannot be significantly customized/configured to the way you do business.  When your system is installed we will lead you through RIMS configuration options, everything from the unit status codes you use, to whether you call your personnel ‘officers’ or ‘deputies’, to the format of your case/report numbers, to the colors of screens and screen data items, more than 400 configuration options in all

With RIMS, you can have it both ways.