Procuring a new CAD/RMS system is a mission-critical project for every agency. It is also, by its technical nature, a difficult project to manage for the department’s responsible officer, given that it is likely that person has not done it before.  Further, evaluating the systems proposed by prospective suppliers is also a fraught process. One vendor may say, “You must be in the cloud.”  Another vendor may sway your personnel with how pretty their screens look (without you ever seeing if that has anything to do with their functionality, much less ease of use). A third may tell you that their brand-new company products make sliced bread obsolete.

So how do you decide? Failure is not an option, but many of these projects do fail or end up with the agency admitting to themselves even before the system goes live that they made a big mistake and likely have to live with the “mistake” system for years.

Reputation should be the single, most critical factor in determining your vendor choice. Very specifically, do the users at reference agencies actually like the software? To be sure, talk to/visit multiple agencies of a vendor of interest, not just the agencies the vendor suggests. 

Sun Ridge Systems will have no problem passing this test.